Hotel Anesis
Platamonas - Pieria
Papathanasiou Ourania

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Πλαταμώνας Πιερίας, Τουριστικός Οδηγός Ελλάδος. Διαμονή στον Πλαταμώνα. Κατάλογος καταλυμάτων, παραδοσιακών ξενοδοχείων, παραδοσιακών ξενώνων, ενοικιαζομένων δωματίων, πανσιόν, κάμπινγκ, αρχοντικών, βιλλών στον Πλαταμώνα.

Language: Greek English

  Anesis Hotel is situated in the charming village of Platamonas, Pieria. Just outside the city the visitors can relax, rest and enjoy the beauties of nature.

Within walking distance of our accommodation, Anesis Hotel, you can find the area's beach.
In its clear waters, the visitors and their children can enjoy their summer swimming.

The area is literally surrounded by greenery. The trees overwhelm not only the property but also the main road of the area resulting in a combination of green nature and turquoise sea.

Accommodation amenities:
Stunning views
Social tourism
Internet access

The hotel is open from May to October.


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